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There is no better time for young people to learn smart online money skills than today

If 2020 has taught us anything it is this; that nothing is certain or can be taken for granted ever again. So now is the time you must consider ways to future-proof your child's finances, and one way to do that is to enable them to learn new online skills and to develop their entrepreneurial mindset so that they can create the future that you know they deserve. Read on and decide how you will determine your child or teen's financial future.

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Teach children and teens how to become financially smart.

Is the current financial education relevant to young people? 
How important do you think it is to for them to have the skills to manage their financial futures?           
Here is an awesome opportunity to teach your child or teen something that a lot of us never had the chance to learn in school. How to become FINANCIALLY SMART from a young age!

By following the simple step by step ideas on

  • How to understand financial concepts, such as compounding interest rates, etc, these are taught in an easily relatable way
  • How to make money, including step by step guides to over 30 different home-based businesses that they can easily do
  • How to manage their money, so that it gives them freedom
  • How to save, using a simple fun saving system that creates a saving habit for life
  • How to invest their money wisely for the future, so that they can create real wealth

The importance of saving and being financially aware isn’t on the national curriculum in schools and it is something all young people need to know as they grow, go onto further education or begin their first jobs.

Children are left to figure it out for themselves, often by making mistakes! I believe that we have the opportunity to change your child's future by giving them the right kind of education because the children or teens in your life are capable of achieving such amazing things.

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Discover how your child or teenager can become financially smart.

There are so many examples of celebrities or lottery winners that end up losing every penny and having to declare bankruptcy. Why? Because despite their fortune, they did not have the fundamental skills required to manage their money effectively. Were you ever taught about managing, saving, or investing money? I honestly believe that knowing and applying essential financial skills should be a key element of any child's education.

Children need to learn and understand the basics of saving money, avoiding consumer debt, making investments. developing life skills and knowledge in a nurturing and fun environment, that will benefit them for years. Then applying their newfound knowledge into making SMART money decisions.

What can we do to give them sure-fire security in life...? Read on

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Empowering children and teenagers to lead extraordinary lives.

Whether you're a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or even a big brother or big sister, we want to help your child or teen to become MONEY SMART.

Financial literacy - getting smart about money - is one of the greatest gifts you can share with your child or teen - and it's the only thing that is not taught in schools. So let's change this. Wouldn't you like your 7 to 17 year old to be financially educated and live a better fuller, richer life? Follow the simple step by step guides and ideas on how to understand, how to make grow, and scale money.

There is an exclusive presentation that I personally think every parent should watch. It has been created by a company called FUNancial Freedom. The founders' Paul O'Mahony and Chris Farrell have a unique approach to educating kids. Through the fun use of animated characters, they bring their entire focus onto teaching children and teens how to be financially smart. They have created and developed a fun and engaging approach to teaching youngsters known as L.E.A.P.( Learn, Earn, Accelerate Play ), for more information click the link below.

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